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Dreams and Visions in Phophetic Warfare
Dreams and Visions in Phophetic Warfare  


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We are in a time where knowledge has abounded to a very great extent in every field of study and area of life. The work of darkness and deception of the devil had also taken a quantum leap into another depth. Deception is appearing in all forms and shapes.

Some of these lies are beautifully colored with half truths and manifestations that look like that of the Holy Spirit but are in actual fact a clear demonstration of the Lucifer appearing as an angel of light. These deceptions and adulterations also face the Church of Jesus Christ and all who seek to serve God in Spirit and in truth. The devil and his cohorts does not only seek to adulterate and counterfeit the work of the Church but also to lure the people of God into all kinds of deceptions with the aim of jeopardizing, shortening and making their lives on earth miserable, unfruitful and ineffective. However the Lord in His goodness and might still reveals, delivers, protects and keeps His children as a responsible Father. One of the ways He does this is through revelation. He reveals to redeem. One of the very important means of revelation is through dreams and visions. The purpose of revelation is to show the child of God what the will of God is for his life, the plan of the devil against his life and an assignment to fulfill, etc. The important fact is that these dreams and visions need to be properly interpreted and understood to facilitate effective praying; lest the purpose of that revelation which intends to redeem or direct, would be defeated. It is therefore important not only to have dreams and visions but also to be able to properly interpret them. This is why this book, DREAMS AND VISIONS IN PROPHETIC WARFARE a book written under a powerful inspiration and anointing of the Holy Spirit, becomes very handy. Rev. Dr. Dominic Newlove Allotey, the writer and author of this powerful book, is a very experienced and heavily anointed Apostle, Pastor and Teacher, who walks and deals a lot in the realms of prayer the prophetic; In this book he expertly and simply presents very systematic and simple guidelines on how to effectively take advantage of dreams and visions.


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